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Double Glazing Glass Units

We craft a diverse array of Double Glazing Units, spanning from standard options to A-rated alternatives, available in various dimensions and configurations.

Check out our array of double glazing choices:

  • Conventional Double Glazed Units
  • Pilkingtons ‘k’ Glass
  • Argon Infused
  • Soft Coat Low E (featuring opti white)
  • Warm Edges Spacer Bar
  • Gorgian Bar Insertions
  • Safety Glass
  • Triple Glazing

Uses and advantages: Our Double Units can be customised to any size or shape, and we also offer upgrades to existing units with ‘A’ rated glass.

Our offerings cater to both residential and commercial environments, serving as popular selections for contemporary projects. specialises in delivering top-tier double glazing solutions, tailored precisely to our clients’ requirements and preferences.

Double glazing, also known as insulated glazing, entails a configuration of two glass panes separated by inert gas. This setup significantly improves thermal insulation, ensuring warmth during winter and coolness throughout summer.

Energy perks: Apart from thermal efficiency, double glazing provides additional benefits such as noise reduction and heightened security. The air pocket between the glass layers acts as a shield against external noise, fostering a serene indoor ambiance. Moreover, the extra glass layer fortifies the structure against unauthorised access, bolstering the overall security of the premises.

At, our extensive lineup of double glazed glass offerings caters to a spectrum of applications and budgets. Whether you seek to upgrade existing fixtures or integrate double glazing into new constructions, our adept team stands ready to assist. We pride ourselves on delivering impeccable craftsmanship, unparalleled customer support, and eco-conscious solutions that surpass expectations. Reach out today to explore our double glazed glass products and services, and unlock the potential benefits for your residence or establishment.

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